Screen shot from a Youtube video of the protest infront of Sotheby’s on Wednesday night

In one of the biggest protests against Sotheby’s lockout of the art handlers of Teamsters Local 814, over 200 people, including members of Occupy Wall Street and students from Hunter College and NYU, came to the auction house’s offices on Manhattan’s Upper East Side to demand the fair treatment of workers. On Wednesday, November 2, protesters stood up in the middle of the sale, which marked the first of two $500 million dollar Sotheby’s auctions. Protesters were quickly removed by security and four Occupy Wall Streeters were also arrested outside. The shaky video below shows some of the struggle that went on between protesters and police in the picket line:

And here’s a view from inside the auction room as protesters were led out:

Another rally is planned for next Wednesday November 9 when the second $500 million sale is scheduled to take place. Both the Teamsters and Occupy Wall Street’s Labor Outreach Committee are calling for as many people as possible to join. The event posting on OWS’ site notes:

“We want to bring out as many people as possible to shame the 1% for crossing a union picket line, and for contributing to the overall problem of corporate greed.”

Liza Eliano

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