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Perry Bard, “River of Lies” (2017), ballpoint pen on paper, 9 x 12 inches

In the USA the Paris Accord has been declared irrelevant
Because there is no Global Warming
Because the Earth’s average surface temperature has not increased
While penguins in the Antarctic are breeding less
While the sea level is rising more rapidly
While butterflies have moved North
While foxes have moved North
While rain and snow have increased
While invasive insects are chewing up trees
While hurricanes and storms are stronger
While polar bears are skinnier
While leatherback sea turtles are declining rapidly
While the Colorado River is losing water
While the Yellow River is losing water
While the Ganges River is losing water
While the Niger River is losing water
While there is less fresh water
While will be a fresh water shortage
While Houston drowns, Miami is blown away, and the President pats himself on the back

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Perry Bard

Perry Bard was born in Quebec City and lives in New York. She has worked with community groups to address issues of media representation engineering site specific public video installations for the Staten...