A photo of street art work near downtown Cairo taken by Marayah (via Yehia El Alaily, www.marayah.com)

This week, the lowdown on Mark di Suvero’s radical history, Terry Richardson’s parents, street art in Cairo, Miami and without spray paint, word clouds and some erotic Austrian art of yesteryear … and some other great links.

 We’ve been discussing Occupy Wall Street’s reaction to Mark di Suvero’s “Joie de Vivre” in Zuccotti Park, but Greg.org delves into that artist’s more radical past and explains what many OWS’ers may want to know.

 You have to see photographer Terry Richardson’s very bizarre (possibly disturbing) photos of his mom and dad.

 Architizer takes a look at the Joseph Eichler-built modernist house that Steve Jobs grew up in and seems to have influenced his very modern aesthetics.

 A photographer in Cairo has been documenting some of the street art that is cropping up in post-Mubarak Egypt.

 Over at Creators Project, seven street art works that don’t use a drop of spray paint. The results are impressive, though not a big surprise to street art die-hards.

 A creepy street art work by artist Above popped up in Wynwood. It featured a banker on a noose.

 Word clouds as a common infographic trick nowadays, and some have disparaged how effective they are, but Reuters business blogger Felix Salmon looks at how they can be done right.

 Swann is auctioning off some of the erotic art of Austrian artist Franz von Bayros and they give us a peek … wowza.

 Ever wonder what Roy Lichtenstein’s brush that creates his iconic brush marks on canvas? Well, D*face takes a stab at imaging it.

 And finally, what we’ve all been waiting for … a way to search Instagram.

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