In case you missed Part 1, and now onwards.

51. Sam Hayes – Reminding me of the Sharon Olds poem, The Pope’s Penis.

52. Unknown – Hula Hoop art. I have no objectivity. ROCKS!

53. Aga Ousseinov – This thing would have been interesting even if the globe had been round. But it’s square, like us. Inspiring form. Yaay.

54. Nick Cortese – When things fall apart we should always blame geometry.

55. Joe Howard – Oh, this is good. Especially diggin’ the raised paint and the tension between shape, color, and topography.

56. David Sherry – Didn’t like at first then I really liked. THEN I got the joke. Cock. Pussy. OMG. And then the 2nd piece: Officially on my list of interesting and smart arists not afraid of beauty and comedy. Wow.

57. Blaze Lamper – Looks like a study for Alex Katz’s Autumn at the Carnegie. Very, very nice.

58. Roland Allmeyer – Not digging the paint, but definitely digging the oil slick, which I guess means that I’m digging the painting. If you were wondering who was winning, the answer is here in all its inverted glory.

59. Jacob Cohen – If Wade Guyton had a baby with a Basquiat/Warhol collaboration this is what it would look like. This is a good thing, btw.

60. Elisabet Davids – Hard to photograph. Hidden heart. Lost, but not losing me.

61. Nelson Bradley – Oh, sad dumb America.

62. Andrew Graham – IMEZRU. I don’t get it, but looking at his website I want to.

63. Fatima Algadin/Khalid Algaraballi – Prince + Isahn = bitmap

64. Legacy Russell – Checkered past.

65. Eva Zuckerman – Cue Mike Mills on vox. Really like the flow of the line here. And the eyes. Save me.

66. Andrew Mister – Nice and punky. Punky and nice. D.A.F.!!!

67. Kathryn Kerr – The big signature is cracking me up. And the black border. Actually, this whole painting is funny. It’s also good.

68. Rebecca Watson Horn – Oh. That is tricky. Proportions. This is one sly painting.

69. Rene Ricard – Not objective about the guy that wrote “The Radiant Child.” But it’s more fun to look at than the Schnabel at the center of the show.

70. Terry Richardson – The long bore.

71. Andy Meerow – Almost had me a couple times, but I never made the leap. Something though …

72. Theo Rosenblum – Weirdness not making up for brush skills.

73. Ron Gorchov – Very vaggy. Or very Natasha Fatale. Seriously. Tell me I’m not right. And tell me it’s not pretty awesome anyway.

74. E Hirsch – Yes. She is beautiful, and she is showing us her tit. That’s where it ends.

75. Lucia Vera – Must be an art school teacher.

76. Nick Gaetano – Oh, these are fabulous. Deep. Dark. Delicious. A winning trio.

77. Joshua Smith – Circles and a rectangle. To quote “Don’t get excited,” “Don’t get excited.” Although the placement helps things a bit.

78. Rico Gatson – Blow. (Smartass funnyboy comments aside: Just to be clear. I liked this.)

79. Unknown – Whatever. The traces of light are cool. But aren’t they always?

80. Unknown – This wins for purity and form. And making me happy.

81. Christine Rebet – You know what I really liked? The 3 bits of black tape floating near the top. Great touch.

82. Unknown – NORMAL DESIRES. The Cheerios commercial, slapped the fuck down. Yaay.

83. Ray Smith – I’m supposed to like this, right? Let’s ask Mikey.

84. Unknown – Russian porn with Homeric puns. The Oddysee. The Illiad. What’s not to like about that?

85. Unknown – Little odd drawing. Goofy enough to live with. Or at least have in your office. I love this little monkey.

86. Anne Rowland – Sex in the ’burbs. Ouch.

87. Bryan Harrington – Black. Blossoming. Broken.

88. Unknown – Make fun of Julian Schnabel, the Johnny Fingers of painting, and I’m on your side. Creative Time’s Sarah Burkhart pointed out the double fantasy genius of this piece. The photo is taken from the NYTimes’A Night Out With…” The Bruce High Quality Foundation during the Miami art fairs last year.

89. Joao Enxuto – Wasn’t sure about this one until I looked through the camera lens. The perspective is kind of amazing. I kept looking in. It kept gently twisting my head.

90. Blaze Lamper – El High. (Sorry. Inside educational publishing industry joke.)

91. Unknown – Nice buckles. But too sketchy.

92. Charles Sabba – Funny but not very interesting. Sometimes funny’s just not enough.

93. Raina Hamner – This ghost is fucking me up. How did she do this? Floating in earthtones. Alive and kicking.

94. Eamon Monaghan – This is hilarious. And the paneling background adds to it.

95. Liz-N-Val – Decidedly NOT money.

96. Joe Kay – I like this more than I should.

97. Coco Dolle – Sometimes making it complicated makes it simple. Too simple.

98. Unknown – Big painting of woods. Not good.

99. Cecilia Jurado – Instant girls. Is that a tampon hanging off the “I”? Or is it a rabbit’s foot? Girls. Girls. Girls. This is, like, cold cold. And more than a little uncomfortable.

100. Nemo Librizzi – Jersey Shore. Or maybe Brighton Beach.

101. Sofia Berinstein – Reflected. Submerged. Reminds me of old Vidna Obmana album covers but with more filth and less emotional manipulation.

102. Max Snow – Well, alrighty, then. That video is downright scary. And the flag was done more effectively when Dave Phillips used the Nazi stars for his They Live album cover last year. Still not ho hum though.

103. Julian Schnabel – You’ll not hear me say this too often about a Schnabel painting, but … Love it. Simple. Direct. Neanderthal.

104. (illegible) Bahles – Duchampian comedy.

105. Unknown – Presbyterian box. Middle of the road.

106. Unknown – Why? Although this did answer the question regarding how many people will walk into suspended underpants if you hang them from a sculpture. (Answer: Everyone.)

107. Unknown – Sorry. I don’t get this stuff. I almost never get this stuff. It’s not you. It’s me.

108. Unknown – (Eggs. Nest.) Intimate, but not because of the whole nakedness thing.

109. Man Bartlett – Even his name looks good. DIY invitation? Bondage. Freedom. Time to get out that Merzbow classic.

110. Kathy Garcia – Speaking of openings. Here are some really nicely drawn ones. HELLO!

Brent Burket is a writer and curator living in Brooklyn. His blog is called Heart As Arena, and he tweets here....

20 replies on “The Brucennial: Piece By Piece (Part 2 of 5)”

  1. Dear Brent, I am Cecilia Jurado, there is not tampon or what so ever in my piece hanging from the “I”, just a mere drip. Listen, your comments are very flat and regular, nothing really profound or critical not even a great sense of humor (if you wanted to go that way). Going to each piece, I guess is a good idea, but if is going to be that banal and superficial, why bother? Maybe some notoriety is enough food for you at this time.

    1. Srsly. It looks like a tampon. Given the context of the piece, I don’t think that that’s a very big leap for my brain to make visually. Looking back, I realized that I wasn’t very clear about whether or not I actually liked your piece. (And honestly, that wasn’t my intention at that moment in my piece.) I did. It was actually one of the best things in the show. There were several pieces that addressed the male gaze and the male/female power struggle. You did it in a way that was both caustic and familiar. I knew those people. Not just because I grew up with them, but because you showed them–these specific individuals–to me. I can’t ask for more from art or an artist. Anyway, wasn’t that boring?

      Oh, and please don’t use the word “critical” around me ever again.

      And the humor thing? Yeah. I’ll work on that.

  2. Hey Brent, my piece in the Brucennial presented by Vito Schnabel is #88 not #89. I used a Times photograph from a Miami art fair event hosted by Vito Schnabel.

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