Jacqualyn Luca ’18, “Reflections” (installation detail), Summer 2016 (photo by Rachel Katz MFA ‘00)

MECA’s MFA program offers an interdisciplinary approach that encourages students to think across traditional academic boundaries, expand their art practice, and challenge their intellectual curiosity.

The curriculum emphasizes the intersection of studio production, individual research and critical analysis.

Summer Intensives
This transformative MFA Program begins with one of two eight-week Summer Intensives during which all students are in residence in Portland, Maine. As the first and fourth term in a six trimester curriculum, this experience, punctuated by the seven select Visiting Faculty who augment Core Faculty for lectures and studio visits, is a catalyst for community and exchange. The slate of Visiting Faculty includes international artists, curators and scholars, all of whom deliver public lectures, attend critiques and conduct studio visits. Every student is given 24/7 access to individual studio space and specialized labs.

Residency Options
Students can choose the Low or Full Residency option. Low Residency students enjoy flexibility of location and scheduling; between summer and winter intensives, they can choose to live anywhere in the world. Faculty match students with a Studio Advisor convenient to their locale. Full Residency students are immersed in the culture of our vibrant campus, serving as teaching assistants in BFA classrooms and benefiting from MECA’s state-of-the-art facilities. With approval from the Chair, students can successfully navigate between residency options as best suits their practice.

Scholarship Programs
A variety of scholarship opportunities are available, including a full-tuition scholarship. Applications submitted by the January 26, 2018 deadline will be considered for the full-tuition scholarship. The priority application deadline is February 19, 2018.

Informational Meetings
Please visit us at one of our Graduate Portfolio Review Days in San Francisco (October 22), New York City (October 29), Chicago (November 4) and Austin (November 18), or email us at mfa@meca.edu to schedule a time to visit us on campus in Portland.

Learn more at meca.edu/mfa.