One of the Most Chilling Photos from OWS

There haven’t been very many iconic images or art works coming out of the Occupy Wall Street movement yet things may be changing. In addition to the OWS “bat signal” that we posted about earlier today, this photograph in The Guardian by AP photographer Randy L. Rasmussen may be one of the most incredible images captured during the international protests.

Taken yesterday, during the November 17 day of action at Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, Oregon, the young protester being pepper sprayed by riot police is a visual symbol of the power imbalance taking place at these protests. Seemingly faceless black-clad police with visors and helmets are pushing back and harming non-violent protesters. Here the protester’s face is fully exposed to a stream of pepper spray, according to the caption, while an adjacent protester holds up the peace sign. We can only imagine the brutal burning sensation the protester was about to experience the moment after this image was taken.

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