In case you missed Part 1 and Part 2, and now onwards.

111. Kathe Burkhart – FUCK THE UNDERGROUND. Exactly.

112. Dolores Haydon – The horror of porn. The porn of horror. Cool the way the scissors and cutting echo the nearby Man Bartlett piece.

113. Geoff Carter – What’s up with all the boxers? Oh, who cares. They always seem to be good. The big one is better though.

114. Thompson Harris – I wish the painting wasn’t in front of it. Or that the back layer wasn’t behind the painting. Make sure you check the website though. I like those more.

115. Gabriel Buentello – So wrong it’s right. Alien vomit head.

116. Jonah Emerson-Bell – I don’t know about Willie, Kasim, and Roger, but I’m pretty sure Todd is not.

117. Kristian Burford – Bored in class. Which might be OK.

118. Unknown – Didn’t like ’til I saw the little embossed circles. Then I still didn’t like it.

119. Rose Nestler – I’m a sucker for tiles. Especially when it looks like the casting mold is fighting back.

120. Peter Demos – Twin sons of different mothers. Minimal, mythic.

121. Rebecca Watson-Horn – Liked the back painting and the hockey player, but then the MasterCard logo got in the way. Over-clevered her way out of this one.

122. Rose Nestler – An inversion of all those stained glass church window God rays I grew up with. The sun, in reverse burning its way back into the sky.

123. Leigh Ruple – Probably gets tired of all the Keith Haring references.

124. Bryan Jones – Oddly enough, the signature makes it look like it was in a high school art fair. Unfortunate, because it’s better than that. Way better.

125. Kevin Gallagher – Here’s ya skin fruit.

126. Unknown – Funny. Sad. Global warming. Kinda hot.

127. Eamon Monaghan – Color and form, trying very hard to be riotous.

128. Simone Framer – Still life trickery. This is actually very funny and I was really digging the background.

129. Hannah Rawe – Dead bees on a cake, or rather, in a graveyard. Flat.

130. Unknown – Build it and he will come. The male gaze magnified into the horrific. You can smell the YouPorn upskirt videos.

131. Gretchen Karn – Not very good, but totally goes with the Julian Schnabel underneath it. Points!

132. Julian Schnabel – I still can’t believe that people are able to eat in front of that horror at Wallse. This is the same quality level, but here you have no fear of losing your schnitzel. (This just in. A rather smart and anonymous fellow told me that there are a couple neat — albeit obvious if you know anything about art history — art historical references going on here. If you’re like me and don’t know that much art history, then it’ll still just be a bad painting. Enjoy!) (This just in, double time: Apparently I went all passive aggressive about this portrait and didn’t even take a picture. I SWEAR I thought I took a picture. Weird. Oh well. That’s what therapists are for.)

133. Unknown – Sorry I almost never get sculpture made with home improvement products. Don’t worry. It’s me. Not you. I’ve said this before.

134. Orly Genger – Involving. Beautiful. Color, form, and skid. And I’m a sucker for a good skid. Seriously.

135. Grayson Revoir – Instability. Flower Drill will be my new band name. Loved in equal parts the comedy and the sound.

136. Unknown – Each piece felt like a negative reflection of the other, but when I realized it was details versus swath I knew it was a fight.

137. Devin Kenny – The angles float here. Wasn’t sure about this one until I looked at it through the lens. Odd how that works sometimes. All was forgiven, and then embraced. If I had two-floors of space in TriBeCa this would totally be in it.

138. Tore Wallert – Confusing in a delicious way. Weirdness needs a helmet. What a riot. But very much not a laugh riot.

139. Oto Gillen – Striking, but that’s about it. (That’s what I wrote in my notebook, but looking at the photo again I’m remembering how irresistible this piece was. I take it back. It went further than I wrote.)

140. Max Galyon – Gerhard Richter visits the junk yard. These are our crimes.

141. Emerson Greensmith – Cool, in a mid-80s Death Metal tape-trading cassette cover kinda way. That means I like it.

142. Jacob Cline – Still working it out. Why here?

143. Queen Gidra – There was a problem with the hard drive but I still wanted to give a shoutout to such a great name.

144. Unknown – Definitely a fun conversation piece at key parties in the suburbs.

145. Craig Mooney – Diggin’ the way this moves out and at.

146. Andy Laracuente – Speaking of movement. HaHa. Hold on. Reminds me of Ruscha’s “Clown Speedo,” actually.

147. Willie Alexander – A society and its collage out of control.

148. Meredith Arena – Oh, hells yeah. Somewhere between fascism, yoga, and Dada. Really excellent sound piece. Give a listen.

149. Clara Chapin Hess – “Praxis Makes Purpose.” Shouldn’t have liked this one, but did. Busted and perfect.

150. Jonas Mekas – A 1,000 times AWWWWWWWWW.

151. Caitlin MacQueen – I’ve got nothing here.

152. Sebastian Black – JoJo the Dog-Faced Boy? I don’t know. Really running out of material here.

153. Theodore Wenner – Wait. This one pulled me back in. I call it Lightface Bold. If the subject was a man I’d be referencing Robyn Hitchcock. Apparently I did anyway. “I turn myself on in the dark.”

154. Ludwig Schwarz – I miss that blue dog guy.

155. Chris Bors – Pam and Tommy. Home Sweet Home. Violating the mundane. And YO! They’re on a boat. They’re on a boat. They’re on a muthah fuckin’ boat.

156. Jeff (illegible) – Irreverant. Feels like necrophilia.

157. Kika Karadi – Wade Guyton without color. I mean that in a good way. Not sure how she got here but I like it.

158. Unknown – HaHa, but stop. Did however like the underpainted silver bulb.

159. Unknown – A simple pleasure in the midst of all this. Just.

160. Alex Bynoe-Kasden – Separating the good from the bad, and figuring out what that means. This is good.

161. Matt Alie – Replicated a recurring dream I had as a kid. Hard to argue with that. Couldn’t stop looking. Quite happily ran into the artist showing it to a friend and was able to congratulate him for invading my psyche.

162. Charles Orme – Stunning. I can smell the grass.

163. Alfred Steiner – Not sure how this would do without all the lights around it. However, anything that reminds me of Johnny Sex in an old fitting shop on the LES can’t be all that bad. (PS: Click on the artist’s name to see how this puppy works. There are two places in society where violence should be applied regularly: 1. In a hockey rink; and 2. against the paparazzi [blinding them counts].)

164. Andrew Russell Thomas – Ever see the inside of a real log cabin? (Oy. I guess you won’t here either. I didn’t get a pic. Errgghh. All apologies.)

165. Unknown – NOT a bathroom. A drug room. Too bad somebody didn’t get that message. What does piss smell like when it’s been in the bowl for a couple weeks? This. True story. A 10-year-old girl with her parents went off on this piece. “This is art? Really? Really? This is art?” She was falling somewhere between confused and indignant.

166. Unknown – Cheryl will ruin your life. (Trust me. She already has.) EuroHouse fun. Participate by wearing the headphones with curls attached. Blood. Pain. Dance.

167. Rosson Crow – OK. Officially a Rosson Crow fan. Why so high on the wall though? I think I like the large paintings at Deitch better, but these’ll do (And I might be wrong about this inequity, looking back.). The abstract on top reminds me of a close-up of one of the Twin Towers. Or is the flowery one more abstract? Tastily confused I was.

168. Oliver Mosset – Nice repose. (Check meaning of repose)

169. Jeffrey Schad – Thought it was a wartime photo at first. Then realized, it’s always wartime.

170. Josh Bricker – Thomas Ruff meets Ed Ruscha. Memory.

171. Joan Banach – She should design Technical Death Metal album covers. More for her word choice than for the design.

172. David Salle – Was bummed I was going to have to say something smartass about this high school level painting. Then I saw Salle’s name. Ha! Guilt-b-gone! What a shitty painting. TRUE AND OBVIOUS STORY: While I was in front of it Vito Schnabel walked by telling some people that Salle painted it just two days before the show. Never woulda guessed. (And I’m a fan.)

173. Harriet Dixson – Thought this was crap ’til I saw it as sculpture. That helped a lot. Those sticks are the shizzle. They are Shizzle Sticks.

174. Daniel Oh – Loved this. Duplicated and discarded intimacy.

175. PC Smith – Fear in a funnel. Good.

Brent Burket is a writer and curator living in Brooklyn. His blog is called Heart As Arena, and he tweets here. He has a really bad sense of direction.

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