According to NY Times, this is Bushwick.

It’s official! Bushwick art scene is exploding!

Last month, we brought you a guide to 5 new galleries in Bushwick. It’s only November, and we are already forced to amend our list with five more galleries that recently opened in the Bushwick area — 950 Hart Gallery, AIRPLANE, Botanic, Sardine and Studio 10.

Unfortunately, it seems that Bushwick is also becoming a great allure for Manhattan art spaces. After Luhring Augustine, another smaller Manhattan space is making their move to Bushwick.

Christina Rey informs us on their website that they are changing their name to Kesting/Ray, and early next year they are launching their “new project space in Bushwick for artist projects, viewings by appointment and special events.”

Hopefully these new lovely DIY spaces will be a good counterbalance to the fancier Manhattan galleries, though to be honest Christina Rey is not really the same as Luhring Augustine.

950 Hart Gallery

950 Hart Street, Bushwick — websiteTwitterFacebook

Founded: In October 2010 by Sean Alday, Michael Kronenberg, Mikki KV Nilund, Antoinette Johnson, Raquel Echanique

Who are they: They are a bunch of enthusiasts concentrated around a beautiful two-storey loft space in Bushwick, developing an experimental art community experience. They have recently celebrated their one-year anniversary, and they continue to go strong.

Tip: Openings at 950 Hart are quite the unique experience! The crowd coming to the openings at 950 Hart is edgier than the usual Bushwick art crowd. Be ready for some colorful hairstyles, experimental wardrobe and untraditional piercings!

One of the co-founders, Antoinette Johnson bartending during an opening at 950 Hart. (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic unless otherwise specified)


70 Jefferson, Bushwick — Facebook

Founded: In October 2011 by Lars Kremer, Liz Atzberger and Kevin Curran

Who are they:  Partners Lars Kremer and Liz Atzberger, both artists, became the gallery co-owners the second they opened their basement to the public during the October Beat Nite. Kevin Curran from gallery space The Laundromat joined their endeavors. This space is offering not only curated art shows, but also culinary events, performances and collaborations!

Tip: Do not miss the culinary events (mainly in the summer)! They are held in Airplane’s adorable backyard, and Lars Kremer is a wonderful chef!

Airplane’s backyard.


150 Wycoff Avenue, Bushwick — website (underconstruction)

Founded: In October 2011 by Paul M. Nicholson

Who are they: Paul M. Nicholson started the gallery originally as a pop up space to showcase the body of work he has been working on during the past couple of years.  Their second show aims to bring together the community of artists living and working in the Bushwick/Ridgewood corner.

Tip: Come on Saturdays for a party!

Artists of Botanic. (photo courtesy of Botanic Gallery)


286 Standhope St., Bushwick — TumblrFacebook

Founded: In October 2011 by Lacey Fekishazy and Gabriel Hurier

Who are they: Artist Lacey Fekishazy, the owner and the operator of the space, wanted to create a space to present art in an intimate setting, as well as handmade items and vintage finds.

Tip: Don’t miss Sardine’s next drawing show, as well as beautiful handmade jewelry by (mostly) Brooklyn folk.

At Sardine’s boutique gallery. (photo courtesy Sardine)

Studio 10

56 Bogart Street, Bushwick  — website

Founded: In October 2011

Who are they: They are located in Bushwick’s first gallery building at 56 Bogart.

Tip: Huge window side is responsible for beautiful light falling onto the first show Copia Cartacea curated by Bushwick’s legendary Paul D’Agostino. Don’t miss it!

Hallway at 56 Bogart. (photo by the author)

Stay tuned for more openings.

Katarína Hybenová is editor & founder of, writer, photographer, runner, too-much-coffee consumer but at least not in denial about it.

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