George Emilio Sanchez (photo courtesy the artist, © Dave Sanders

George Emilio Sanchez (photo courtesy the artist, © Dave Sanders

Aside from its current head of state, the greatest threat to the safety of the United States is its unwillingness or inability to impose tighter gun control laws. We are reminded of this tragic and seemingly immovable roadblock to public safety and civil society every few months, when a madman armed to the teeth goes on a killing rampage. This situation is the subject of artist George Emilio Sanchez’s 24-hour performance Bang, Bang, Gun Amok, taking place this weekend at the Abrons Arts Center.

The marathon day of performances, activities, talks, and panels is timed in anticipation of the fifth anniversary of one especially traumatic outburst of gun violence, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Participants will include the scholar and writer Alex Vitale, dance artists Edisa WeeksJaamil Olawale Kosoko, and Paz Tanjuaquio, and members of Save Our Streets, Gays Against Guns, and Gangstas Making Astronomical Community Changes. The event’s format, described by Sanchez as a “performance filibuster,” evokes elected officials’ apparent lack of political will to do anything to substantially curtail the chances that their constituents will be killed with assault riffles.

Ticket-holders are welcome to come and go as they please over the course of the 24-hour event.

When: Friday, December 8 at 6pm–Saturday, December 9 at 6pm ($20)
Where: Abrons Arts Center (466 Grand Street, Lower East Side, Manhattan)

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