Philip Allen, “Victory of the Hyenas” (December 19, 2017), Photoshop photomontage, 7.5 x 8 inches (courtesy of the artist)

Meanwhile on Skull Island, great lumbering economic theories like Trickeledownosaurus, thought to be long extinct, rear their horrible heads out of the filthy mire of the corrupt swamp and reemerge as a newly resurrected Tax bill.

The “Fish in the Barrel” — the middle and working class —  stumble around stunned and feeling helpless.

Meantime, on the Capitol lawn, a pack of Hyenas are busy rending the corpse of the former United States of America, sending its lifeblood and nutrients, filtered through their diseased and corrupt digestive apparatus, into tubes planted in their assholes, which are avidly sucked through the lit end of a cigar by the Fat Cat King of Skull Island. Call out the Air Force!

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Philip Allen

Philip Allen is a painter who sometimes refers to himself as a third generation Abstract Expressionist, though his work is not a prisoner of that or any other style. He has been a serious student of painting...