A view of the Country Club Gallery’s too-cool-for-school booth at last year’s Nada art fair (photo by the author)

SOMEWHERE OVER THE EASTERN SEABOARD — We’re currently in a plane on our way to Miami — thank the gods for wifi in the sky — for this year’s art fairs but just like most other people we were too busy to print out all the guides for the big week.

So, as a service to you (and ourselves) we’ve compiled a help guide to all the guides we could find to the 2011 Miami art fairs.

Here they are for your clicking pleasure:

  • The best survival guide you’ll have is Boyd Level‘s comprehensive one-page cheatsheet that gives you nothing but the facts (locations, hours and other essential information to all 12 of the Miami Beach fairs and the 13 fairs and private museums across the water in Miami’s Wynwood District), print this and you’re set,
  • Artlog also has their helpful guide with all the facts and short blurbs with some inside baseball,
  • Art Fag City has a snarkier guide that’s fun to read,
  • Artnet has a guide but their site is so badly designed that you may have trouble reading it,
  • Paper Magazine has no real guide but a bunch of useful posts with info others don’t have,
  • Beach Miami has a guide that seems local heavy but that’s good too,
  • New American Painting has a quickie guide to the fairs,
  • Berlin Art Link has one too,
  • So does Art Collecting,
  • … and About.com has a link list that may be useful,
  • Artinfo has a guide to 10 events they consider must-see,
  • But they also have the douchiest post titled “10 Partiest You Wish You Could Get Into Durt Art Basel Miami Beach,”
  • Some site I’ve never heard of, Social Miami, has a guide too, it’s good to know but the others are better,
  • … and finally, why not get a head start for the mothership of the Miami art fair, Art Basel Miami Beach, since their catalogue is already online.
If you see us walking around, please say hi!

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