Judith Bernstein, “Schlongface Jester 5” (2016), acrylic on paper, 30 x 42 inches (image courtesy of the artist)

We have a president who is a joker, a jester, a racist, a sexist, a sociopath and perhaps a psychopath. An evil genie out of the bottle. His followers shout his name as a taunt at anyone who isn’t white like them, and wear his snarling image on their black “Make America Great Again” t-shirts. He wallows in the gutter with his cronies, flunkies, lackeys, and suck-ups, but he can’t drag the whole country there with him. His poll numbers are sinking and the Resistance is growing. It’s the Year to Raise Your Voice!

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Judith Bernstein

For over fifty years, New York based artist Judith Bernstein (b. 1942 Newark, NJ) has created expressive phallic drawings and paintings that boldly address the underlying psychological connection between...