Girlfriend of NY Mayor Tells Sotheby’s Art Handlers to Eat Cake

DNAinfo points to a YouTube video that shows the locked out Sotheby’s art handlers and members of Occupy Wall Street confronting Diana Taylor, the partner of New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg and a member of the Sotheby’s board, at the December 1st meeting of the Hudson River Park Trust. Taylor is chairwoman on the board of directors of the group.

In the video, which is like manna from the gods for the art handers, shows Taylor in a Marie Antoinette moment as she claims that she will resign from the board if Sotheby’s accedes to any of the art handlers’ demands for a working wage. Teamsters Local 814 President Jason Ide, of the art handlers union, said in a statement:

“We are shocked at Taylor’s blatant disregard for working New Yorkers and their families … Living with Mike Bloomberg has clearly turned Taylor into an elitist with callous disregard for working families. It’s time someone gave her a wake-up call.”

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