It was a cold, snowy and slushy night in SoHo when the Brucennial opened. People were long anticipating the Bruce High Quality Foundation’s latest project which appropriated the Whitney Museum’s branding, packed a storefront retail space on West Broadway with a truckload of art, and placed almost everything up for sale.

These photos were taken opening night and I’ve paired them up (where I could) with Brent’s amazing tweet-like reviews.

Click on each image to enlarge.

General view of BHQF’s commercial Brucennial.

#191. Ray Smith – The line of this is more than a little head-filling. Gives me hope for sculpture.

Veken at opening night.

#116. Jonah Emerson-Bell – I don’t know about Willie, Kasim, and Roger, but I’m pretty sure Todd is not.

#78. Rico Gatson – Blow. (Smartass funnyboy comments aside: Just to be clear. I liked this.)

A work that Brent missed? I like to call this, “I want to be Richard Artschwager when I grow up.”

#192. Elliot Arkin – Doesn’t give me hope for sculpture.

#18. Unknown — Hilarious but ugly.

An artist gets too close to the art. — #106. Unknown – Why? Although this did answer the question regarding how many people will walk into suspended underpants if you hang them from a sculpture. (Answer: Everyone.)

Art on top: #45. Unknown — Crafty fail; painting below: #44. Unknown — Like an old David Salle painting, but with with a fear of the visual non sequitur.

#190. Unknown – 500 LES clothing merchants in a single sculpture.

#73. Ron Gorchov – Very vaggy. Or very Natasha Fatale. Seriously. Tell me I’m not right. And tell me it’s not pretty awesome anyway.

Whose your daddy?

#125. Kevin Gallagher – Here’s ya skin fruit.

I guess we’ll never know what this was …

Hrag Vartanian is editor-in-chief and co-founder of Hyperallergic.

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