Artist-Led Workshops and Projects Wrestle with Body Awareness

Artists at ltd gallery are hosting a series of events working out themes related to the body in tandem with a group exhibition on the topic.

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The theme of “the body” can feel overused in contemporary art exhibitions. But truth be told, it is a rich, varied, and always relevant theme; the trick is to present it in a non-generic and fresh way.

The group exhibition I am no bird… at ltd gallery takes off to a promising start with a text written by William J. Simmons. In it, he compares our relationship to art to that of love. “In both cases we attribute inconsistent and life-altering importance to entities over which we (should) have no control,” he writes. According to him, the works featured in I am no bird… (by Baseera Khan, Aimee Goguen, Ebony G. Patterson, among others) capture the longing, loneliness, shame, and desire that comes with inhabiting a body.

Over the course of the exhibition, artists will be staging a series of events. The first was a body awareness workshop led by Lesley Moon, who is featured in the show and will be returning to the gallery on February 3 for a class on training for body strength. This Saturday, Moon, Cassils, Matt Chavez, Justin Chow, Nik Kosmas, and Elliot Musgrave will engage in a roundtable discussion about fitness and training, and how health influenced their practices. And, finally, Mariah Garnett and Aimee Goguen have made a film, screening next Wednesday, that responds to the artwork on view.

When: Saturday, January 27, 2pm; Wednesday, January 31, 8pm; Saturday, February 3, 1pm
Where: ltd los angeles (1119 South La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles)

More info at ltd los angeles

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