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This week, China announces that this week, “it’s time to sell out.” Because no one has “sold out” by going on a reality show, right? Anyways, the challenge is to create art to sell in the street and also display in the gallery. Art and commerce! The challenge rules are a little different: everyone works in teams of two, and they have five hours to combine shopping and studio time.

Kymia “feels awful about selling out.” Oh, Kymia. You still wouldn’t turn down that prize money though, right babe?

Sarah K. talks about Native American headdresses and makes no sense. Lola talks about getting naked and selling out, and says she might have “the loosest morals here.” Again, can someone PLEASE get this woman her own reality show?

All of the artists hit up American Apparel. There are obvious hipster jokes in here somewhere. Young buys short shorts and talks about how much his boyfriend loves his “pert” butt. TMI, Young.

Sara J. and Young are the first ones to get back to the studio, because they are smart. Sara J. busts out a ton of watercolors real fast. Homegirl’s like her own sweatshop.

Dusty makes t-shirts with an outline of America on it with a security camera in the middle, because we live in the year 1984. Lola gets naked, and Kymia says “you sell out to make the money!” Oh shut the fuck up Kymia, YOU ARE ON A REALITY SHOW. Lola and Kymia have another fight, this time about how Kymia wants to sell other people’s signatures, or something. I may be watching this show whilst intoxicated.

The teams go about selling. Lola gages her prices based on how much she thinks someone is willing to spend, which lands her a dude who pays one hundred dollars for her photograph. Evidently there are people out there who haven’t discovered internet porn.

Sara J. gets the smart idea of doing portraits of her costumers. It has worked for caricature artists at Sea World for decades, so it should work for her! Simon gets a little bit freaky, complimenting Sara J. on her tiny outfit and telling Lola he is distracted by the background of her picture, aka her naked bod. Her piece, a photograph of herself with embarrassing secrets superimposed on top, is by far my favorite.

Art works by (left to right) Young Sun, Dusty and Lola.

Sell sell sell! The artistes are like the cast of Newsies! And then it’s back to the studio! Dusty cries about being away from his daughter and it is very sad and I hope he is with his child at this very moment. Bravo shows the greatest montage ever of all of the artists crying. Because you can’t spell tears without A-R-T.

Gallery show! Young’s evaluation isn’t great, because his piece wasn’t exciting and he didn’t show what he sold on the street (underwear). Sara J. gets positive feedback on her clever street portraits idea. Dusty displays a road sign of his surveillance camera, which everyone thinks is a printer cartridge and Jerry says is “awful.” Kymia sold her signature, and asked customers to give her their signature back, and displays those signatures. She gets positive feedback  because “signatures are personal.”

Sarah K. gets terrible feedback. Her ridiculously crappy headdresses and tshirts didn’t hold up on the street, let alone in the gallery. Lola gets the best feedback of all. Bill Powers should call up his good pal Terry Richardson. I’m sure he’d love it!

Young and Sara J. made the most money, and because commerce ultimately wins over art, they win! Dusty and Sarah K. are up for elimination. Sarah K. goes home. Her piece was crappy. There are tears (and a-r-t). It is sad.

Stay tuned for next week, when the artistes go somewhere mysterious, and are doubly eliminiated!

Work of Art: Season Two appears on the Bravo TV network every Wednesday at 9/8c.

Jocelyn Silver is a 2011 Hyperallergic summer intern originally from San Diego, California.