Plural Play: the CounterPulse Festival and SFMOMA present Upstanding Others

A performance workshop residency of artists from the Bay Area, US red/swing States, and Russia.

Olga Tsvetkova (photo by Alissa Šnaider)

Russian artist Olga Tsvetkova believes that art is a surprise, it cannot be calculated; it is prey, a catch. Olga feels connected with the things that collide and contradict each other, the colliding gives different segments of space, it creates volume.

What happens when artists from different ideological bases and backgrounds collide?

Tsvetkova is one of the participants in Upstanding Others, an international exchange lab as part of the inaugural CounterPulse Festival, a five-day celebration of mind-bending performance.

Upstanding Others is a performance workshop residency of artists from the Bay Area, US red/swing states, and Russia, including Jose Abad, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Tara Pandeya, Megan Young, Saulaman Schlegel, Nina Gasteva, and Alexandra Portyannikova.

Through the lab CounterPulse posits art as a means of decentralizing dominant polemics in our conversations around difference in search of cultural pluralism. How do ideological differences color our lenses on one another? How do we define cultural production?

The cohort will present their findings in a free showcase on Saturday, March 17 of the CounterPulse Festival.

As part of SFMOMA Open Space’s Limited Edition platform — which positions history and legacy as the accomplices and informants of the contemporary — the CounterPulse Festival propels a forward looking lineage where contemporality is the intersection of futurity and recollection.

Other events at the CounterPulse Festival evoke artificial intelligence explorations, forgotten languages, and nighttime rituals interfacing primal sounds and future visions.

To learn more, visit counterpulse.org.