Sou Fujimoto’s ’21st-Century Oasis’ (All images by Sou Fujimoto via Architizer)

This mirage-like structure is Sou Fujimoto‘s winning proposal for the Taiwan Tower International Competition. Designed for Taichung in west-central Taiwan, the unusual park rises 1,000 feet above the cityscape.

According to Architizer:

Fujimoto’s spectral tower passes in and out of view against the day sky and the sun’s glare, while at night a series of lighting effects will variably light the structure and make it disappear altogether into darkness. If the $220 million project is approved, construction will begin promptly, with an estimated completion date of 2017, at which point officials believe it will drive major new sources of revenue to the city.

This fantastic urban structure makes Manhattan’s High Line Park look unimaginative by comparison.

At night, the design will allow for various lighting schemes against the night sky. (via

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