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Surrounding Chiloé

Surrounding Chiloé

As part of Hyperallergic’s Emily Hall Tremaine Journalism Fellowship for Curators, Dan Cameron presents an email exhibition to offer insight into his curatorial process.

Required Reading

Required Reading

This week: Why does the internet hate Amber Heard? Will Congress recognize the Palestinian Nakba? And other urgent questions.

Steven Weinberg

A former Brooklyn artist who has since moved to the Catskills, you can visit his website ( or follow him on Twitter (@steven_draws)...

4 replies on “Love Thy Neighbor, Just Not Their Guns”

  1. Thank you, Steven. Your work is always very thoughtful and provoking. Not only can we figure this out, but we must.

  2. Yup. We MUST figure this out. I’m a hunter and gun owner in favor of much stricter gun regulation and prohibition on ownership of most firearms. No civilian needs guns designed for warfare.

    Your piece here is thoughtful (and, per usual, lovely).

  3. Steve, why are you being such a whining twit? Your neighbors’ guns have nothing to do with the tragedy in Florida. What do you think you are accomplishing? Yes, we can work this out–but only if we consistently enforce the gun laws we have (and we have more than you know) and insist that the FBI and local law authorities respond more effectively, intelligently and ACCOUNTABLY to multiple reports regarding a specific person and his specific intentions Can you not see where the failure likes here? Frankly, Steve, I doubt both your intelligence and your sincerity. You’re telling me Parkland was your breaking point? Really? Why wasn’t Sandy Hook? Why not the Colorado theater shooting? There have been a couple of college shootings in recent years–where were you, Steve? Obviously those events were within your comfort zone, nothing to get upset about, because Parkland and only Parkland put you over the edge. And now your response is to attack your law-abiding neighbors? Have you had the courage to tell your neighbors face to face that you claim they’re part of the problem? Or are you just whining piously on Hyperallergic, waving your “sensitivity” like a flag of ineffectuality? Face it. Steve: YOU are part of the problem. You whine. You have no ideas. You offer no solutions. You know no facts. You do nothing. Or do you think your watercolors are enough?

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