A Night of Transmedia Performances and Computerized Music

From a bio-electrical instrument triggered by changes in muscle tension to a satirical monument-smashing rampage, Angie Eng has curated an enticing performance program at Roulette.

A performance by Angie Eng (photo by Joshua Kristal)
A performance by Angie Eng (photo by Joshua Kristal)

Asia Week in New York is typically a market-driven affair with special auctions and gallery shows, but this year there’s something different on the program: media artist Angie Eng has curated an eclectic and rich program of musical and multimedia performances at Roulette.

Wednesday’s evening-long program kicks off with Eng sharing the stage with composer Hoppy Kamiyama and the Butoh-trained dancer Celeste Hastings in a piece that knowingly parodies the current global crisis around issues of identity through acts of wanton monument-smashing. Eng will also perform alongside Atau Tanaka and Akio Mokuno, with the trio playing computerized instruments known as “videobass” that cue projections of obscure and familiar film clips.

Also on the bill is a solo performance by Tanaka featuring his latest musical invention, a bio-electrical instrument that responds to muscle tension. The program will conclude with a raucous audio-visual trip featuring video artist and composer Sean Winters and local improv legends Zeena Parkins and Ikue Mori.

When: Wednesday, March 21 at 8pm
Where: Roulette (509 Atlantic Avenue, Downtown Brooklyn)

Atau Tanaka performing (photo by Martin Delaney)
Atau Tanaka performing (photo by Martin Delaney)

More info at Roulette.

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