Artist David Salle On How He Ended Up at Philip Johnson’s Glass House

When I visited Philip Johnson’s Glass House in Connecticut a few years ago I was really intrigued by the art collection. We were told Johnson and his partner David Whitney had donated the bulk of it, including Jasper John’s most iconic flag painting, to the MoMA, where the architect had worked for decades.

What was left in the collection and now The Glass House estate in terms of paintings were works by Warhols, Willem de Kooning, David Salle, Julian Schnabel and a lot of Frank Stellas. It struck me as an odd grouping .

I really don’t understand the concept for The Glass House’s Conversations in Context video series but this segment is quite good. David Salle delves into how he came to be in this famous collection in New Canaan. It feels candid and the narrative is strong but it also gives you a sense of being a nugget of history and not just a snapshot of some lecture or presentation.

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