Did you know Mexican artist Diego Rivera built a massive, tiled icon of the Aztec rain god Tlaloc, sprawling face-up in a pool of shallow water. (via architizer.com)

This week, droit de suite, art conservation, Daniel Burren and Allora & Calzadilla, ruin porn, hacking Ikea, top auction prices of 2011, the world’s first spaceport, Penguin books logo and architecture tattoos.

 Have you been hearing a lot about the droit de suite bill currently in the US congress? Some say it’s good for artists since they will receive royalties from future sales but some don’t think it’s a great idea. Here are some articles from the last two years that may help you make up your mind on the issue:

 The top 10 … er, 9 … online art conservation projects of 2011 by Richard McCoy at the Art 21 blog.

 Chloe Nelkin explores the Daniel Buren and Allora & Calzadilla show at London’s Lisson Gallery, which continues until January 14.

 Is Ruin Porn a 2011 trend?

 Creators Projects writes about an artist, Taeyoon Choi, who “hacked” the largest Ikea store in Europe. Architizer covers the same project in a provocatively titled post, “Art in the Age of Ikea.” The lede is a little mind boggling:

It’s estimated that 1 in 10 Europeans is now conceived in an Ikea bed.

 I’m not a fan of The Observer‘s slideshows, which are just at attempt at pageview grabs (think HuffPo) and feel so slow to flip through, but this one may interest people: The 10 Most Expensive Prices at Auction 2011.

 Did you know that Foster + Partners have completed the world’s first spaceport? It’s located in the deserts of New Mexico.

 A post about the evolution of the Penguin Books logo. Funny that the little guy once looked like he was dancing.

 Architecture tattoos are pretty cool. Full disclosure: I have one but I won’t tell you what it is.

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