David Lynch and Sheryl Lee (photo courtesy of the David Lynch Foundation)

David Lynch and Sheryl Lee (all photos courtesy of the David Lynch Foundation)

What kind of art and music festival has a dedicated space for transcendental meditation? One curated by artist and filmmaker David Lynch, of course. This weekend, the Festival of Disruption arrives in Brooklyn (after a 2016 outing in Los Angeles), with a fulsome lineup of exhibitions, screenings, talks, musical performances, and, from 10am to 8pm on both days of the festival, a comfortable lounge for transcending. Appropriately, proceeds from the entire affair will benefit the David Lynch Foundation, which advocates for the therapeutic and restorative power of transcendental meditation.

The musical lineup is nothing to sneer at — with members of LCD Soundsystem, Animal Collective, and My Morning Jacket doing solo sets, as well as performances by Au Revoir Simone and Jon Hopkins — but neither is the art quotient, which includes works by Lynch himself as well as William Eggleston and an off-site exhibition of Sandro Miller’s photographs of John Malkovich as iconic characters from Lynch’s films and Twin Peaks.

On Saturday, Isabella Rossellini will lead a talk before a screening of Lynch’s Blue Velvet (1986), and on Sunday, after Naomi Watts discusses transcendental meditation at 11am, photographer Gregory Crewdson will be on hand to discuss a new short documentary about the casting process for his elaborately produced (and, some might say, Lynchian) images. Lynch himself will hold court on Sunday afternoon, so if you have any lingering questions about Twin Peaks: The Return, this is your chance to get some answers.

When: Saturday, May 19–Sunday, May 20
Where: Brooklyn Steel (319 Frost Street, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

David Lynch at the 2016 Festival of Disruption in Los Angeles (photo courtesy of the David Lynch Foundation)

David Lynch at the 2016 Festival of Disruption in Los Angeles

More info at the Festival of Disruption.

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