Drawing in a Time of Fear & LiesWeekend

Making Prison Great Again

The Congress turns against him. He refuses to resign.

Dan Mills, “In the Big House. It’s the biggest and loneliest house. Believe me” (2018), digital photomontage (courtesy of the artist)

He dominates the news. Winning!
He threatens to fire Robert Mueller. Again!
He rails against women: Hillary Clinton, Michelle Wolf, porn stars, Playboy models, prostitutes. Sad!

He rails at the investigations. Witch hunt!
He watches the charges, indictments, and plea deals pile up.

He starts to grasp that even the Congress is turning against him. Traitors!
He refuses to resign.

He addresses the nation on prime time. Everyone is out to get him. Especially Mueller. And women. Believe me!
He puts in a good word about Putin.
He gets the highest ratings for a Presidential address in 17 years. Yuge!

He is impeached by the House of Representatives. Stupid!
He refuses to resign.
He is tried in the Senate. Shameful!
He refuses to resign.

He is removed from office. You’re fired!
He is no longer president. Charges are moved to civil courts: obstruction, collusion, treason, conspiracy, tax evasion, lying under oath, decades of cheating workers out of their paychecks. Unfair!
He calls the evidence fake, the legal teams phony. You’ll see.

He is brought to trial. You’ll find out.
He fires his lawyers. Weak!
He represents himself. I have a very good brain.
He lacks legal expertise, but he’s entertaining! Nobody knows more about the law than me.

He wins the daily media coverage. The highest TV ratings ever!
He is found guilty of crimes. Very!
He shrieks about the legal system. It’s out of control!
He howls about the charges. What the hell is going on?

He is removed from office. Beautiful!
He wails as he leaves the White House.
He is convicted. Incredible!
He is no longer surrounded by sycophants to boss around, humiliate, and do everything for him. Tough!

He learns how to make coffee for himself while waiting for sentencing. Nobody knows more about making coffee than me.
He is sentenced. Bigly!
He bawls about going to prison.
He is ordered to pay restitution. How much? A lot!
He said he’s worth millions! But the money he pays back comes from the money he made in the White House. A lot of money!

He watches the news of Trump signs coming down everywhere. My classy buildings!
He screams at the TV. He loses all of his millions.
He realizes that while the networks still follow him, they no longer love him. Dishonest media!
He awakens in Mar-a-Lago to a great bonfire of MAGA hats on the lawn.
He sees disgust on the faces of his base, who now understand what he really thinks of them. Tired of winning!

He discovers that his Twitter followers have stopped following him. Morons!
He is sent to prison. I know more about prison than the wardens, believe me.
He has his cellphone confiscated. Bad!
He tells anyone who will listen that the trial was shameful, and people agree, but not in the way he means. 

He begins to realize that no one is listening to him. I have the best words!
He no longer has reporters covering him.
He sees that even Fox now ignores him. Haters and losers!
He is placed in solitary confinement for his own protection. Very much solitary.

He loses all media coverage. Total disaster!
He watches the country recover from his presidency on prison TV.
Make America Great Again!
He is alone.
He is a loser.


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