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Leroy Almon, “The Old Gambler” (1993), painted bas-relief wood carving– signed, 15x36x.75” (photo courtesy the Good Luck Gallery)

Throughout her long career, Dr. Lizzetta LeFalle-Collins has curated exhibitions of work by internationally recognized artists like David Hammons, Betye Saar, and Noah Purifoy (she organized his first retrospective at the California African American Museum in 1997), as well as overlooked artists like P.H. Polk, the official photographer for the historically black college Tuskegee University. She eschews strict artistic hierarchies, choosing to “blur the lines,” as she notes, “between academically and self-trained artists.”

Dr. Lizzetta LeFalle-Collins (photo courtesy Good Luck Gallery)

This Sunday, she’ll be discussing the history and lineage of self-taught African American artists, from slavery to the present day. As referenced in the talk’s title, “Making Do With What’s On Hand,” these artists incorporate everyday materials and objects in their work, a technique practiced by other modern and contemporary African American artists, from assemblage art pioneer Purifoy to rapidly emerging artist Aaron Fowler. Her talk will coincide with the gallery’s exhibition of woodcarvings by Elijah Pierce (1892–1984) and Leroy Almon (1938–1997), whose painted sculptures and relief panels capture the breadth of the black experience in America.

When: Sunday, June 24, 2pm
Where: The Good Luck Gallery (945 Chung King Road, Chinatown, Los Angeles)

More info at the Good Luck Gallery.

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Matt Stromberg

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