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Jerzy Janiszewski, “Solidarity Logo” (1980), silk screen print.

The Age of Trump has brought unprecedented uncertainty and crisis to Washington. This open call challenges America’s artists to respond with art as powerful as the times are dangerous, to help Americans understand what is at stake, and why it is their duty to vote in the November 2018 mid-term elections. Because of its scope, timing and institutional backing, The Center for Contemporary Political Art (CCPArt) is hopeful its first, Defining exhibition will lead to a redefinition of the role artists play in our society; identify the country’s leading practitioners of political art; and demonstrate why political art should be recognized as a valued genre of American art in the 21st Century.

Artists are invited to submit work that expresses their views on President Trump and his style of governing. For more details on themes and rules for entry, visit

The Center for Contemporary Political Art is a new, not-for-profit institution which hopes to provide political art a home in the nation’s capital. Its founders believe art can be a powerful means of sounding the alarm in defense of our civil liberties; inspiring social and civic engagement; and creating the conditions for social and political reform.

The exhibition will take place in Washington, DC from September 30 to November 14.

Submission deadline is September 10. For more information, visit

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