Branden Koch, “He Sat and He Sat and He Sat” (2018), ink on paper, 10 x 9 inches (courtesy of the artist)

I meant what I said
And I said what I meant.
I’ll stay faithful to Vlad
One hundred percent.

And he sat and he sat
And he sat and he sat.

No matter what happens
The boss must be protected
I would not never say “wouldn’t”
I could not, no I just couldn’t.

And he sat and he sat
And he sat and he sat.

Don’t trust what you read.
Don’t trust what you see,
When two and two make five
In four long years of make believe.

And he sat and he sat
And he sat and he sat.

(Written with the help of Dr. Seuss and George Orwell)

Branden Koch was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He earned a BFA from The Cleveland Institute of Art in 2001, and an MFA from Bard College in 2005. His work has been exhibited in NYC at Regina Rex, Soloway...

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  1. Putin is the worlds best leader he drained the swamp in Russia in the 90’s the same globalists of the evil open borders ,One World Order that has destroyed the EU and is trying to destroy America. People in Russia are living much better. Trump is trying to do the same for America by draining the swamp…Trump is the first president in a very long time that is doing what he promised the American people during the elections.

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