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A view of the room before the start of last night’s panel at The Bogart Salong (photo by Veken Gueyikian for Hyperallergic)

Last night’s “Confronting Bushwick: A Discussion on the Nature and Future of the Bushwick Art Scene” was attended by roughly 120 people and there are already two five excellent reports published online about the event:

I discovered after the panel that there was an active conversation happening in 140 characters and under throughout the night by @artfagcity, @powhida, @jamespanero, @ms_kianga, @manbartlett, @ruschka, @debrahampton, @stephentruax, @terriciccone, @christinaray and @bushwickdaily. You can see many of their tweets at the following hashtags: #bushwickarts and #BogartSalon.

Thank you to everyone who came out and this is only the beginning of a much larger conversation that will include a lot more people.

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