Leeanne Maxey (MFA 16), The Choice, 2018, egg tempera on panel, 9 x 11.75”. Courtesy of the artist.

Leeanne Maxey (MFA 16), The Choice (2018) egg tempera on panel, 9 x 11.75”. Courtesy of the artist.

In 1966, Boston University held their annual faculty exhibition. The resulting all-male show was a reflection of the times. Now, over fifty years later, the Boston University School of Visual Arts is addressing this history and changes in the artistic and academic landscape with an all-women faculty exhibition. A Few Conversations Between Women invites the female members of the School’s faculty to exhibit their own work, and to select a female mentor or former student to exhibit alongside them.

A Few Conversations Between Women stimulates an inter-generational dialogue of women artists working across media and at different stages of professional development. By focusing on the bonds formed by women artists across the decades at Boston University, the exhibition highlights the conversations that arise through these channels of influence and examines the multiple artistic lineages of women artists.

Artists: Sachiko Akiyama, Lynne Allen, Felice Amato, Madeleine Bialke, Jennifer Caine, Dana Clancy, Kristen Coogan, Deborah Cornell, Toni Pepe Dan, Sister Marie DeSales, Carson Fox, Tatiana Gomez Gaggero, Marissa Graziano, Jill Grimes, Diana Hampe, Josephine Halvorson, Nona Hershey, Breehan James, Angela Kelly, Lucy Kim, Judith Leemann, Dani Levine, Won Ju Lim, Joyce Lyon, Kristen Mallia, Eka Maranelli, Emily Manning-Mingle, Leeanne Maxey, Julia Von Metzsch, Stacy Mohammed, Sarah Pater, Carly Pickett, Rebecca Ness, Danielle Sauve, Kitty Wales, Mary Yang, and Amelia C. Young.

A Few Conversations Between Women is on view at Boston University’s 808 Gallery September 4–28.

For more information, visit bu.edu/art.