Drawing in a Time of Fear & LiesWeekend

The Senate’s Sausage Factory

What better ingredients to feed duped constituents?

Branden Koch, “USA CO.” (2018), pigment and pen ink with Wite-Out on 140-lb watercolor paper, 11 x 8.75 inches (courtesy the artist)


With what better ingredients
To feed duped constituents
Than the perishable fruits of
The Sausage Party?

Here at USA Sausage Co.,
Our links are packed and ready to go!
Sealed, signed, and confirmed too,
Before you can even scream “barbecue!”

What sausage hack takes precedence
Over Tom Paine’s Common Sense?
After argument, protest, individual rights,
What compares to carnivorous delight?

What does it matter if truth is true,
When pigs in Constitutional blankets will do?

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