Liza Eliano on her last day at Hyperallergic. (Click thru for a pic of her first day)

Dear Hyperallergic peeps,

Today is my last day at Hyperallergic, and as much as I hate saying goodbyes, I can’t leave without reflecting on the amazing journey this has been. Next week I will start as a publicity assistant at Random House, but Hyperallergic will always remain on my mind and close to my heart.

During my seven months at Hyperallergic, I have been challenged and inspired every day. As the editorial assistant I found my stride writing news and opinion posts on some of the stories, big and small, to break this year in art. I had the great opportunity to cover the art that sprang out of Occupy Wall Street and immerse myself in the movement, for better and for worse. I also covered the ongoing labor dispute between Sotheby’s and their art handlers, as well as issues in arts funding and education, which sparked some heated debates on the blog. These issues often get put on the back burner in the art world, but Hyperallergic always thinks outside the box, providing a space where voices from every corner of life can be heard. I feel so honored and proud to have been a part of that mission.

What I will also miss most about my time here is getting to work closely with our group of immensely talented writers. You are what make this blog so diverse and interesting to read. It was such a pleasure to help develop your posts and I look forward to reading more of your fantastic work.

Finally, I want to thank Hrag and Veken for this incredible opportunity and for teaching me more than I ever thought possible. Hyperallergic is very much about serious discontent, but I’ve learned from Hrag to also have fun, love what you are doing and seek out jello shots when necessary. I so admire the passion and commitment that Hrag and Veken have for this labor of love.

I hope to continue to contribute when I can and keep the conversation going (you can follow me on Twitter). This has been a big year for Hyperallergic in many ways, with more readers coming in every day and the launch of the Weekend Edition. I know the blog has no where to go but up and I am so excited to watch it grow. Please continue to support the critical dialogue at Hyperallergic and never stop being discontent.

Much Love,


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  1. As a very recent contributor to Hyperallergic, I only had a brief opportunity to work with you, Liza, and only online rather than in person, but even in that short time I was  impressed with your professionalism and grateful for your help. Good luck in your new job and in all future challenges: I’m sure you will thrive.

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