It was going to happen. After the stellar success of Shit Girls Say, the meme has since covered race, gender, sexuality and everything else, even life as men of cloth.

Sh*t Art World People Say brings the popular meme to the hallowed sidewalks of Chelsea. Brought to us by the brilliant interns at Creative Time — “We couldn’t resist,” they said — the video tackles the contrived, kitschy, evocative language of the art world in the rapid style of the meme. (I just wrote about art world memes this week. Is this the first time the art world is joining a meme?)

As it turns out, one of the stars of the show, Ben Valentine, also interns for Hyperallergic. I chatted with him over email about the production, which was filmed and released in three days:

“I think programs like Creative Time have a lot of freedom to do fun projects like this, and they should. The art world is ridiculous and amazing, and Creative Time is always looking for new venues for the public to engage with art.”

The video comes right on the heels of a Wall Street Journal profile today of Creative Time director Anne Pasternak, where she declares that Creative Time “very intentionally tries to navigate the playful and the political, the radical and the mainstream.”  What did Pasternak think of the piece? “She thought it was great,” Valentine said.

Indeed, when I contemplate the didactics of this particular performative intervention, the video navigates the murky territory between play and politics and ascends past the realm of post modernism. Make that post post modernism. Or, uh, scrap that. This review feels so derivative.

Just watch it and tell me what you think.

AX Mina (aka An Xiao Mina) is an author, artist and futures thinker who follows her curiosity. She co-produces Five and Nine, a podcast about magic, work and economic justice. 

13 replies on “Shit Art World People Say”

  1. it sucked. they missed a lot of the really “artsy” speak, and they were too excitable. they didn’t use ‘like’, long pauses, uncomfortable silence and monotone expression enough. kinda not enough worth the article… disappointed Hyper, disappointed.

    1. Agreed, and sound production values were so poor it was hard to hear what they were saying.  They had a good idea, but the execution was hit-or-miss, mostly miss.

  2. I guess it’s more like Shit Art World Interns Say.  Shit Art World People say would be more like “Fuck that coke-addled striver sociopath.  He fucking went to Pratt!” and stuff.

  3. Young White Williamsburg Vibe to it sounds about right. I mean this is very lighthearted and not too creative portrayl of people in the art world. Creative Time is proud and propogating this kind of culture? I just hope those interns got paid.

  4. Remember the Woody Allen scene where he’s with the girl in the art gallery? Have you ever seen a video by Hennessy Youngman? ARe you familiar with Powhida?  Some people have done artspeak very very well. It’s not just a matter of fan blather and pretension: there’s a specific language and attitude.

  5. there were a few moments of recognition but for the most part it’s kinda annoying.                ‘Art foruuum!’ jeez.. these are the things Paris Hilton would say. Yes me and Paris have a lot in common. And indeed a very very poor sound production.

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