2017 Visiting Artist Lee Relvas speaking to VCUarts students

2017 Visiting Artist Lee Relvas speaking to VCUarts students.

The VCUarts Sculpture + Extended Media visiting artist roster highlights the critical role that outside voices play in the program. Department Chair and Graduate Director Matt King states, “Visiting artists, scholars and curators enliven studio conversations with a diverse array of perspectives that complement the close mentorship offered by faculty Michael Jones McKean, Kendall Buster, Lupe Maravilla, Corin Hewitt, Massa Lemu, and Lily Cox-Richard.” The 2018-2019 visitors include Stanya Kahn, Frank Benson, Jonathas de Andrade, Doreen Garner, Oscar Tuazon, Jessica Vaughn, and Timur Si-Qin. In addition, full-time visiting faculty Elizabeth Orr and Baseera Khan and the 2018-19 Fountainhead Fellow in Sculpture, Ingrid Tremblay, further add to the department’s dynamic mix.

The VCUarts Department of Sculpture + Extended Media’s highly competitive MFA program has been the top ranked sculpture program since 2003 by U.S. News & World Report.

Students receive full tuition support, paid assistantships, research travel grants and exhibition opportunities. With 24-hour access to a media lab, fabrication shops and foundry, students can indulge in the widest possible range of making. All of this takes place in a supportive environment where experimentation, self-motivation and intellectual rigor are expected.

VCUarts is one of the nation’s leading arts schools, dedicated to advancing creative expression, supporting new scholarship, sparking innovation and deepening the role of the arts in society. Its visual arts and design graduate program has received top rankings by U.S. News & World Report. More information at arts.vcu.edu.

MFA Open House is on November 10. Application deadline is January 15, 2019. For RSVP and information, visit arts.vcu.edu/sculpture