Tip #10: “Be prepared to hang onto the art you buy for some time. One of the major selling points for any work at auction is that it is fresh to the market. Buying today and selling tomorrow is out.”

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Hrag Vartanian

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3 replies on “No Comment: Art Collecting Tips from WSJ”

  1. My favorite: “2. Buy what you like, not fashionable status symbols. You have to live with the works; their dividends should be the pleasure of looking at them.”

    I’m sure Margaret Studer just saved a few high rollers from snapping up a spot painting or two, or three, or more. Many readers of the WSJ will certainly be perplexed by her statement insinuating value derived from something need not be monetary. Who would have thought there is hidden worth to be found in what a five-year-old could do?

    1. Yes, chief analyst of the art market for investors too wealthy to have their own style and taste. #1. Keep a diverse portfolio. #2. Buy low, sell high.

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