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Sarah Abramson, “Real Life Mermaid” (2018) (all images by the author)

Since as early as I can remember I’ve always had very vivid dreams. So vivid in fact, that I’ll often mistake things that happen in my dreams for things that happened in reality. I have woken up from a night’s sleep with an entire photoshoot concept floating in my head. Or, on occasion, I’ll wake up and have dreamt up an entire movie or TV series with multiple characters, their back stories, how certain frames should be shot, down to little nuances like having a character say, “laughing, laughing, laughing” instead of actually laughing.

Roughly eight-eight percent of human mental activity is subconscious rather than conscious. This powerful statistic resonated with me long ago and I vowed to always pay attention, and listen to what my subconscious as well as my intuition was telling me. All of those deeply rooted questions we have about ourselves, the world, and our lives, are lodged within each and every one of us. The problem is, we have become masters at hiding these truths from ourselves.

When I go out shooting by myself or with my models and friends I let my conscious mind take a backseat. That’s how the magic happens.

All my work, every photo I’ve ever taken since age eleven, is an image that exists in that placeless place. The place or space right before you fall asleep, when you’re still slightly awake but not enough to call it consciousness. This is where my images reside and will continue to live. My work is my escape. The world is harsh, ugly, cruel, and heartbreaking, but with my photos, I have created an alternative world I and my viewers can escape to. It’s either this or completely go insane. I choose this.

*   *   *

Sarah Abramson, “Trying to Fly Away but Failing” (2017)

Sarah Abramson, “Madison” (2018)

Sarah Abramson, “Understanding Self” (2018)

Sarah Abramson, “Exposed & Unprotected” (2018)

Sarah Abramson, “David LaChapelle in Pool” (2017)

Sarah Abramson, “Disco Vagina” (2018)

Sarah Abramson, “Where the Ghosts Reside” (2016)

Sarah Abramson, “Early Morning Self Portrait” (2017)

Sarah Abramson, “Lanie Marie” (2018)

Sarah Abramson, “Bloodhound for Oblivion” (2017)

Sarah Abramson, “Zinzi in Pink” (2018)

You can find more of Sarah Abramson’s work at her website, on Instagram @slow_toast, on Flickr, and on Facebook.

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Sarah Abramson

Sarah Elise Abramson is a contemporary artists living and working out of LA. She loves everything weird and not normal. She is extremely passionate and most happy when creating.