Luckiest Artist in the World Set to Make $200M from Facebook Stock

This is going to be the first in a long line of WTF stories that we’re going to be hearing from the Facebook IPO.

According to Business Insider, “[Street] artist David Choe painted the inside of Facebook’s first headquarters back in 2005, and Mark Zuckerberg made him an offer: he could be paid a few thousand dollars in cash, or take the same amount in Facebook stock.” Choe took the stock and now it’s worth $200 million. Yes, you heard that right. Bravo to Choe for taking a chance and not going for the easy money.

The New York Times has the full story but did they just call Choe a “decorator”? Then again, Choe wasn’t exactly a social media fortune teller. A New York Times blog reports:

Although [Choe] said the very idea of Facebook seemed “ridiculous and pointless” at the time, he chose the stock.

Sometimes a gamble pays off.

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