Occupy Wall Street Begins Two-Month Residency at Hyperallergic HQ

Some of the OWS posters in Hyperallergic HQ, including (right) the original poster that started the "We Are the 99%" chants. (photo by Veken Gueyikian/Hyperallergic)

Yesterday, the Occupy Wall Street Arts & Culture Working Group, facilitated by the Space Team, began a two-month residency at Hyperallergic HQ.

Artist Paul McLean's visual representation of the spatial occupation of Hyperallergic HQ (via

Titled, Spatial Occupation, the residency offers the group an opportunity to explore ideas in a physical space.

When those of us at Hyperallergic offered the Working Group the opportunity to share our office space we thought it was important to reach out and let them know that we thought what they were doing was important for all of us. They agreed to move into the office for two months and explore the possibilities.

Today, the committee arrived to arrange their section of the office and as an added treat they brought some of the historic Zuccotti Park signs from the OWS archive as inspiration. Among the posters is reputedly the first “We Are the 99%” sign (pictured above) that started the chants heard around the world. Some readers of Hyperallergic may recognize the sign, since we published a photo of it in Zuccotti Park in late September as part of our “Signs of Occupy Wall Street” post.

*   *   *

Tomorrow, Friday, February 3, is our first event, a potluck. Starting at 7pm, members of the Hyperallergic and OWS Arts & Culture communities will meet each other and discuss how they think this residency could evolve. To attend, please RSVP by email to info [at] hyperallergic [dot] com. All attendees are required to bring  a dish and a beverage.

Then, starting this Sunday, February 5 at 7pm, a weekly reading group will commence.

Where will this go? We’re not sure. But when people meet great things are bound to happen.

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