Christie’s Education is unique as the only academic institution wholly owned by an auction house.

All programs at Christie’s Education have been developed to provide focused and intensive training for students looking to start a career in the art world. master’s students also get the opportunity to complete an integrated art world internship as part of their coursework.

Christie’s Education is committed to facilitating access to their programs and expanding opportunities to students from all backgrounds. To support this endeavor, The Christie’s Education Trust, in conjunction with Christie’s Education Inc., is offering a joint tuition and living expenses scholarship for one student in each of the master’s degree programs at Christie’s Education, New York in 2019–2020:

To be eligible for consideration students must:

  • meet the admissions requirements for the relevant master’s degree program
  • be able to demonstrate financial need, which will be assessed based on requested details of income, other financial information and plans for financing studies.

These scholarships are also available for master’s programs at Christie’s Education, London campus.

Scholarship applications must be received by April 30, 2019.

For more information, visit

For gainful employment disclosures, visit

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