SUPER BODIES at Anita Shapolsky Gallery.

The instinctual drive to creatively capture the body in all its forms has existed for thousands of years. It is a drive that has rooted itself at the very core of our humanity. From ancient Greek kouroi to contemporary portraiture, the human body has served as the artist’s most familiar yet most elusive subject. Even the mid-century abstract expressionists attempted to convey the complexities of thought and emotion – what makes humans human – using their own bodies as translators.

The Anita Shapolsky Gallery is pleased to present SUPER BODIES, a cross-cultural and transhistorical exploration of the body in art. SUPER BODIES moves beyond the gallery’s historical focus on abstract expressionist paintings to exhibit art from a range of artists, periods, countries, and media. Antiques from Japan, China, Burma, and Greece intermingle with modern and contemporary works to exemplify the ever-present drive to represent the body in both the abstract and the figurative.

The selection of contemporary work features both rising and established artists, including: Denise Carvalho, Howie Lee Weiss, Russell Connor, Parker Day, Linda Stein, SWOON, Joan Semmel, Shozo Nagano, and Jeanne Reynal. SUPER BODIES also includes works by modern abstract artists, such as Agustin Fernandez, Ernest Briggs, Walter Gaudnek, Frederick John Kiesler, Emilio Cruz, Herbert Gentry, Burt Hasen, John Hultberg, and Peter Agostini.

This exhibition is part of a larger effort by Anita Shapolsky Gallery and A.S. Art Foundation to promote education of and appreciation for American abstract art. Opening hours are Tuesday–Friday, 11–6 pm and Saturday by appointment.

SUPER BODIES continues at Anita Shapolsky Gallery though January 8, 2019. For information, visit, email, or call 212-452-1094.

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