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Steven Weinberg

A former Brooklyn artist who has since moved to the Catskills, you can visit his website ( or follow him on Twitter (@steven_draws)...

2 replies on “Learning to Hunt this Election Season”

  1. Do the strangers whom you choose to spend time with have to be those who cause suffering and death to animals? If you are “disgusted by our President and the Republican Party” (as am I, a socialist), how does spending time with those whose chosen form of recreation mirrors Republican “ethics” help? Hierarchy (with humans at the top), violence, lack of compassion, destroying families, the racism and misogyny that have proven to be far higher among hunters than non-hunters, to name just a few.

    If you want to spend time with strangers, how about spending time with those who run vegan hunger organizations—or at any volunteer organization that works to help people and/or animals, w/o adding yet more suffering in the world?

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