Starry Night Comes to Life With a Wave of Your Hand

LOS ANGELES — Have you ever stood in front of a painting and just wished you could reach out and touch it? Imagine dipping your finger in Monet’s lilies and watching them shimmer and come to life as you wave your hand.

That’s the dream come true in Petro Vrellis’s take on Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” (1889). Tapping into openframeworks, the artist has brought the classic impressionist brush strokes to life. Users can slide their hand or finger on the moving strokes, and they’ll follow in accord, and they’ll flow and adapt like the surface of a pond. Hopefully with all the attention Vrellis has been getting, he’ll be able to release an iPad app soon or, better yet, a version that can be hooked up to Kinect.

The Atlantic has an incredible array of other classic works updated for the interactive animation age, including Sebastian Cosor’s animation of The Scream:

Next up: a Photoshop tool to make Renaissance women fit today’s standards of beauty.

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