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The different app payment plans offered by Infinite Monkeys, from free to $499.

LOS ANGELES — It comes up in every conversation I have with art-and-technology types. “I have an app idea,” a friend will say. But then comes the inevitable question: “Do you know any developers?”

While projects like Code Year are putting coding into the hands of average users, sometimes what you need is a quick interface like Tumblr or WordPress that makes it easy and straightforward to make an app a reality.

Maybe something like Infinite Monkeys is the answer. Using a series of training videos and forms, users can create interactive content that taps into pre-existing dynamic content sites like Flickr, Twitter and YouTube. Apps are developed instantly using the Titanium platform, and Infinite Monkeys claims to manage the distribution channels into the relevant app stores.

There are catches, of course. All apps have banners ads from Google unless you pay a hefty $499 fee for a pro version. You’re limited to what Infinite Monkeys provides, so you’ll have to rein in your imagination for now. And the site’s in beta, so you’ll have to request access as a beta tester.

But I can see a number of applications here for the art world. An app can be easily be adapted for a social media savvy art space that wants to build a mobile community for its members.  Nonprofit spaces can even opt for a waiver of that $499 fee. Maps, calendars and tweets can all be found in one place, along with integrated news, music and video. What Infinite Monkeys provides has to fit within their templates, but it could be a good interim solution for those in a tight budget.

If you use it, please let me know. I’d love to do a follow-up review on its application for folks in the art world.

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