Rollercoasters and Wall Scaling: Two Argentinian Artists Play with the City

LOS ANGELES — Ever wanted to take a roller coaster through Buenos Aires? How about an invisible one? Yeah, me too. Argentinian film director Fernando Livschitz has released a new video of roller coasters cutting through the lovely streets of the country’s capital.

Leandro Erlich's mirrored installation. Image via leandroerlich.com.ar.
Leandro Erlich's mirrored installation. Image via leandroerlich.com.ar.

There’s something in the air down south, because I also came across Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich‘s crazy mirrored buildings. “Bâtiment Mirrored” is an architectural-scale installation that helps you scale a three story building with ease. Visitors simply lie down safely on the ground, and a massive mirror makes it look like you’re hanging out with sticky glue.

I like that these two projects use special effects (one digital and one analogue) to make a city come alive as an  urban-scale amusement park. They’re both devilishly simple concepts but incredibly fun.

Need more eye candy? This isn’t Livschitz’s first foray into cities and special effectts. New Yorkers will enjoy Scales, a tilt shift wonderland of the city’s landscape, all in a rapid slightly-miniature wonderland.

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