The original mass-produced Kodak camera, c.1888 (via

The world of photography is changing fast. Here are some recent highlights:

  • The renowned photography company Kodak will stop making cameras. The shocking news means that the Rochester, New York-based corporation will stop making mass produced cameras, which it has been churning out since the 1880s. As recently as 2006, Kodak was one of the three biggest manufactures of digital cameras in the world, but by 2010 the company slid to the seventh spot. One of the reasons being cited for the decline of Kodak is the prevalence of good quality cameras in smartphones. Kodak’s leadership in the field is attested to by the fact that the oldest photography museum in the world, George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film, is located in Rochester. Eastman was the founder of Kodak, then known as the Eastman Kodak Company and his home still houses part of the museum.
  • Flickr is getting a facelift on February 28 (finally!)
  • Gizmodo got an exclusive on the inner workings of Instagram. The iPhone-only app was, believe it or not, only started in October 2010 and currently has 15 million+ users worldwide.
  • Pinterest is the fastest growing standalone site ever but their hardcore fans aren’t from the coasts but the middle of the country, go figure … then there’s that copyright theft problem they’re having … but wait, there’s a solution!

Hrag Vartanian is editor-in-chief and co-founder of Hyperallergic.