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Pendarvis Crisp, Friedrichshain-Berlin, Germany

This is my current live-in art studio while participating in an artist residency with the Institut für Alles Mögliche. The studio is 19 x 10 feet and is a former storefront, which also serves as a convertible open gallery space.

I work with digital media and code. The hanging transparent frames near the entrance are holographic projection screens I made. My work tends to be immersive and often requires darkness, so there is a day-for-night aspect to my work process whereby during the day I do computer-based work and at night interactive projections.

The trestle desk on the left is a makeshift media workstation and holds two laptops, an external monitor, and headphones. All the equipment I use can be stored in the Pelican media case next to the desk. On the right is my analog workspace, which has a journal documenting work progress and thoughts, a Kindle that serves as my reading library, and two books that I am currently reading which I find influential — Visual and Other Pleasures by L. Mulvey and Virality: Contagion Theory in the Age of Networks by T.D. Sampson. On the wall, I have listings from a local art guide, which has scribbled notes about galleries and events I’ve visited, and a few print artifacts from recent art crawls.

Anne Lemanski, Spruce Pine, NC

This is the “clean” work area of my studio, which is next to my house on my property in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. The studio space seen here is constructed of two 8 x 40 foot shipping containers that sit atop a “dirty” work space below. This space gets great natural light all day long and is surrounded by nature, which is the biggest influence on my work.

Lynne Reichhart, Westernville, NY

My studio is nestled in a corner of my kitchen. I have little storage space or space to move around, but it is warm and cozy. I have easy access to all the creature comforts, yet it feels like my own creative space. It is typically too messy for being so visible, but the purpose is not to have to set up every time I want to paint. I also have a lovely window to see into the back yard, which provides some natural light. I was thrilled when I devised the idea for this little area with room for my drafting table, which usually just holds my painting needs, my easel, and a few smaller shelves. On the wall are a Warhol print and John Entwistle print combining my love of art and music, which is always playing when I paint.

Branka Ridicki, Colombo, Sri Lanka

This has been my studio since I have moved to Sri Lanka. It is quite small, not like the studio I had while living in Cairo, but it’s very cosy and lit with an abundance of light. I am a mixed-media artist. My desk in the corner is always crowded with paints, palette knives, bits of paper, glass, or other materials that I collect and that at some point could be useful. I spend lot of time working on the floor or just with the canvas leaning against the wall. I like having a lot of work piled up around because I can study it as I paint and follow my ideas
more easily. Very often my dogs keep me company while I work because they like the relaxed atmosphere of my studio as much as I do.

Rene Maynez, New York, NY

My studio is in the Artspace PS109 building in New York. These shots shows some of my work, my work table, and work zones. I do different tasks in different areas of the studio. My studio is around 800 square feet with really high ceilings. One wall of the studio is full of windows, so there is an abundance of light. Outside the bounds of this photo are more work, a kitchen area, a seating area, my desk and computer, and my art library. I like a fairly pristine environment, free of clutter, so that I can focus on the task at hand. We are located in a beautiful renovated old building that used to be a school and was abandoned for many years before it was rescued and converted into art studios. I love this place!

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