Erica Boito, documentation from Spazi in Frutto project, Italy, Unlikely Issue 4.

Unlikely Journal for Creative Art is a transdisciplinary online journal based in Australia, which opens unexpected spaces for artistic exchange and scholarly conversations across mediums, disciplines, and continents. An experiment in form, each journal issue explores a theme through a two-stage process: live events/exhibitions showcasing the work of creative arts practitioners, followed by peer reviewed publication of creative arts work and scholarly articles and essays.

The latest three issues of Unlikely, now available online, entangle aesthetic, environmental, and political concerns:

  • Issue 3, cancelled (ed. Maia Nichols), explores “how the fields of communication, hacking, design, architecture, activism, scientific or artistic practices produce effects through cancellation, deflection, or discretion.”
  • Issue 4, Art and Herbarium (eds. Tom Bristow, Jan Brueggemeier & Danielle Wyatt), “responds to the need for environmental literacy that can account for our collective implication in the story of anthropogenic climate change and species loss.”
  • Special Issue 5, Reimagining Maralinga (eds. N.A.J. Taylor, Paul Brown, & Ellise Barkely), reframes the Australian experience of British nuclear weapons testing in the ’50s and ’60s — which particularly affected Indigenous communities — through “a bricolage of community ‘voices’ from Australian indigenous peoples, nuclear veterans, global atomic survivors, artists and scholars.” 

Unlikely also publishes books and e-books and hosts evolving projects. The publication’s latest book is An Act of Showing: rethinking artist-run initiatives through place, edited by Maria Miranda and Anabelle Lacroix.

The publication’s editor is Norie Neumark and coordinator is Jan Brueggemeier.

Unlikely is currently accepting proposals for guest editing of themed journal issues. For information, email or visit