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Memes to Movements: How the World’s Most Viral Media Is Changing Social Protest and Power by An Xio Mina

Next Tuesday, January 15, in the Hyperallergic offices, Editor-in-Chief Hrag Vartanian will sit down with An Xiao Mina to discuss her new book, Memes to Movements: How the World’s Most Viral Media Is Changing Social Protest and Power. Mina’s book explores the ways in which internet memes, “as agents of pop culture, politics, protest, and propaganda on- and offline” could “save or destroy us all.”

Inspired by a series of articles she wrote for Hyperallergic, An Xiao Mina has gone on to become a leading technologist and digital scholar, and her new text, released through Beacon Press tomorrow (January 8), looks at how memes operate in today’s political climate. She discusses “the ‘silly’ stuff of meme culture” to show how specific memes can “direct attention to human rights and social justice issues, build narratives, and make culture.” In addition, in many parts of the world, memes can become a way to share a political opinion with less risk of persecution, and today, even governments and hate groups are making use of meme culture to spread their messages.

An Xiao Mina and Hrag Vartanian will be discussing these ideas and more next week! Stop by for what is sure to be an interesting discussion in the Hyperallergic offices.

Also, stay tuned for a podcast interview with the author on this week’s Art Movements podcast.

Free RSVP required at the event’s Eventbrite page.

When: Tuesday, January 15, 6pm
Where: Hyperallergic HQ, 181 North 11th Street, Suite 302, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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