Holy Holy Copy Copy Culture Culture, A Manifesto

My view from the panel at the Storefront event. Panelists left to right, Alanna Heiss, Christopher Eamon, Spyros Papapetros, Cristina Goberna and Serkan Özkaya. Not visible, Ines Weizman. (click to enlarge)

Last night’s panel event at Storefront for Art and Architecture was a heady affair. A group of panelists, myself include, sat inside the Vito Acconci-designed structure  while a 30-foot David sculpture by Serkan Özkaya lay horizontal on a flat bed outside on Kenmare Street.

We were asked to prepare manifestos on the topic of doubling or copies, fakes and replicas as part of a Manifesto Series to mark the arrival of Serkan Özkaya’s “David (inspired by Michelangelo).” I was told we could be as serious or humorous as we wanted to be so I focused on the nature of the copy and what it means today. I chose Leonardo’s Mona Lisa as the focus of my visual presentation, which I thought complemented Özkaya’s Michelangelo-inspired work, and offered some ideas that have brewing in my head on the topic.

My presentation was altered by the format of the presentation software — my GIFs didn’t work! — so I wanted to post it below for those who may be interested to see it in its intended format … background and all.

You can watch the whole panel on Storefront for Art and Architecture’s Ustream channel.




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