A Cinemagraph (aka fancy Animated GIF) titled “Meet Me at the Bar” (via fromme-toyou.tumblr.com)

This week is an ALL VIDEO Required Reading. From the GIF to Dali, from Cindy Sherman to the anthropology of YouTube, this is the way to spend a leisurely Sunday.

 A very short history of the Animated GIF, courtesy PBS.

 Ever wonder about the story behind the Second World War Keep Calm and Carry On posters? Check this out, it’s amazing that something can go viral 50 years after it was made.

 Artist Faith Ringgold explains why she started writing in her paintings. It all started when a literary agent rejected her biography in 1980.

 MoMA recently released a short video about Cindy Sherman as narrated by Douglas Crimp, Marilyn Minter, Marina Abramović and others.

 For those who can’t make it to New York for the Sherman retrospective, James Kalm offers you his grainy video tour of the major show.

 Reuters finance blogger Felix Salmon and Citi Private Bank Art Advisor Jonathan Binstock debate whether artists should be treated like stocks and if this will cheapen the art world.

 Berlin film collective Polacos has created a “visual haiku” commemorating the one year anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The video is for the “No Give Up” single by dub rock/soul artist J-San of J-San & The Analogue Sons. I was told that the work is inspired by the “geiger meter like textures of the song.”

 You may already know that Hollywood director Alfred Hitchcock ask Surrealist Salvator Dali to design the dream sequence for his 1945 movie Spellbound. It’s classic Surrealism gone mainstream. I recently encountered a clip on YouTube where Hitchcock discusses the collaboration. (h/t @museumnerd)

 Another classic that you should watch is An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube by anthropologist Michael Wesch, who delivered this lecture at the Library of Congress in 2008.

 And finally, here’s a lovely piece of animation about a smokestack.

Required Reading is published every Sunday morning-ish, and it is comprised of a short list of art-related links to long-form articles, videos, blog posts or photo essays worth a second look.

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  1. Great suggestions this week! Really enjoyed the video on youtube. Mediated relationships (thanks in part to my boyfriend and his relationship with his ever present phone) have been on my mind of late. Seems like a really rich topic that is only going to become more and more important as people become more and more attached to their devices, connecting them to people who are in fact not present.

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