The Avant/Garde Diaries is a digital portrait magazine that invites leading creatives to talk about the cutting edge of art, design, fashion, music and film.

In each digital portrait, featured diarists are asked to introduce someone or something they consider to be ahead of their time. The result is a collection of very personal snapshots that celebrate new ways of thinking and spread inspiration. Be sure to check out the complete video portrait library at

On March 29th The Avant/Garde Diaries will host a festival-night full of music, art and performances at H.C. Andersen Slottet (Tivoli) in Copenhagen. Curated by painter Andreas Emenius, the event revolves around the motto “movement” in interdisciplinary installations, concerts and discussions. As main protagonist Emenius selected New York based composer and musician Mikkel Hess who will give insight in his definition of “movement”. Further participants of the festival include Anders Trentemøller, Jenny Wilson, Lonely Boy Choir, Alessandro Pereira, Stina Mårtensson and The Horse Ensemble.

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This week, Patrisse Cullors speaks, reviewing John Richardson’s final Picasso book, the Met Museum snags a rare oil on copper by Nicolas Poussin, and much more.


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